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RESULTS: Children in confinement 

E-children: Science study (in Lithuanian)

E-children: Recommendations for Schools (in Lithuanian)

E-children: Recommendations for Children and Parents (in Lithuanian)

E-children: Recommendations for Education policy (in Lithuanian)

2020 December 2nd
R.Jusiene, Ph.D., prof. Presentation at National Health Council (in Lithuanian)

2020 November 26th
Insights of project E-children. Presentation in public consultation "Digitization of Education" of Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (in Lithuanian)

2020 November 5th 
Oral presentation at the 12th international conference of the Lithuanian Neuroscience Association; R.Jusiene "Internet use in preadolescence: whether and how it has changed during quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic".

2020 October 16th
S.Girdzijauskiene, Ph.D., Report in seminar at Kaunas University of Techonology (in Lithuanian)

2020 October 9th
V.Grabauskiene, Ph.D.,, V.Schoroskiene Ph.D., Report at conference of Lithuanian Association of Educational Research (in Lithuanian)

2020 October 5th
I.Stonkuviene, Discussion lecture for Teachers in case of Teachers' Day at Vilnius University (in Lithuanian)

Preliminary results and recommendations (in Lithuanian)

Preliminary results e-Childrens (in Lithuanian)

E.Baukienė report in conference Children and Internet (in Lithuanian)

R.Breidokienė report in conference Children and Internet (in Lithuanian)

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