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Research: Childrens health 

With the rapid development of digital technologies, time spent on screens and online has become an important part of the daily lives of many children and adolescents.


Despite growing evidence that it has detrimental consequences for their physical and mental health, more than half of children’s screen time is significantly longer than experts recommend.



The global pandemic of COVID-19 has further increased the use of screens not only for teleworking and learning, but also for leisure and recreational activities.





.The project is funded by the State Public Health Promotion Fund, contract number (1.80 E) SU-2498), duration 2020. December-November 2022.
The project is implemented by researchers from the Faculty of Philosophy (Institute of Psychology) and the Faculty of Medicine (Clinic of Children's Diseases) of Vilnius University.

Project partners: Lithuanian Pediatric Society and Health Training and Disease Prevention Center.


The main goals of this project, carried out by psychology and medical scientists, are:

1) to carry out a study aimed at comprehensively and reliably assessing the significance of the duration and nature of information technology use (what kind of device with a screen, what content content is used online, etc.) for the physical and mental health of children aged 2-14;
2) after analyzing the collected research data in cooperation with health care specialists, to prepare recommendations on the impact of the use of information technologies on children's health and to propose measures for the prevention of health disorders and harm reduction.

The project involves more than 800 Lithuanian families with children aged 2-14.


More than one hundred children aged 6–11 years participated in psychological testing of cognitive abilities, executive functions, and self-regulation.

We are very grateful to the children and parents who agreed to take part in the project - your contribution is very important in developing research-based knowledge and recommendations for professionals.

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