The website is created by researchers from Vilnius University and supported by the Research Council of Lithuania. 


This site provides information from scientific studies which aim to analyze screen-based media use in children.


  • The nature and duration of children's use of the Internet and their presence on screens for children of all ages.

  • The importance of the use of electronic media for children's mental and physical health.

NEW: CHILDREN'S HEALTH -  a study on the long-term effects of screens on children's physical and mental health is currently underway (age groups: 2-5 years and 6-14 years).


The study is funded by the State Public Health Promotion Fund.

Studies already performed with children of the following age groups: 2.5-6 years old (preschoolers), 6-9 years old (primary-school-age children), 7-14 years old (“Children in confinement” project):

  • More than 1,200 Lithuanian families participated in the preschooler's survey.

  • The primary-school-age study included nearly 300 primary school-age children and the same number of parents.

  • More than 1,000 teachers from Lithuanian families and primary and secondary schools participated in the study "Children in confinement".

Please find below the results of the project Children in confinement:

Children in confinement:

Science study (in Lithuanian)

Children in confinement: Recommendations for Schools (in Lithuanian)

Children in confinement: Recommendations for Children and Parents (in Lithuanian)

Children in confinement: Policy Recommendations and Solutions (in Lithuanian)