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The website is created and supported by Vilnius University researchers. The research is financed by the Lithuanian Science Council and the State Public Health Promotion Fund.


The site provides information from scientific studies which aim to analyze screen-based media use in children.


  • The nature and duration of children's use of the Internet and their presence on screens for children of all ages.

  • The importance of the use of electronic media for children's mental and physical health.

Latest research: CHILDREN'S HEALTH – a study on the long-term effects of screens on children's physical and mental health is currently underway (age groups: 2-5 years and 6-14 years).


This study was funded by the State Public Health Promotion Fund.

Studies already performed with children of the following age groups: 2.5-6 years old (preschoolers), 6-9 years old (primary-school-age children), 7-14 years old (“Children in confinement” project):

  • More than 1,200 Lithuanian families participated in the preschooler's survey.

  • The primary-school-age study included nearly 300 primary-school-age children and the same number of parents.

  • More than 1,000 teachers from Lithuanian families and primary and secondary schools participated in the study "Children in confinement".

Please find below the results of the project Children in confinement:

Children in confinement:

Science study (in Lithuanian)

Children in confinement: Recommendations for Schools (in Lithuanian)

Children in confinement: Recommendations for Children and Parents (in Lithuanian)

Children in confinement: Policy Recommendations and Solutions (in Lithuanian)
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